We Pledge Made in USA – Let’s get 10 Million Signatures

Our goals are simple:

  • We want to send a Strong Message to US Manufacturers that Americans want products Made in the USA.
  • We want to help create jobs in the United States by increasing the demand for Made in the USA products and services.
  • We want to show retailers that there is a need to offer more products Made in the USA.
  • We want to show that Americans united can create jobs without legislation.
  • We want to increase media attention about the need for US Manufacturing.

We the Consumers of the United States must unite together and take action.

Legislators like to make promises and talk about creating jobs, but can they really fulfill those promises and is it really their responsibility to do so?

While the politicians try to find answers to those questions, let’s stand up for our country, unite together and take action by not just talking about buying products Made in the USA, but actually doing it.

Sign the Pledge and send a strong message to US Manufacturers that you are tired of outsourcing, off-shoring, the loss of jobs, the downturn in the economy and cheap imports. Tell them it’s time to bring the jobs home.

By signing this pledge you will be joining other Americans who will:

  • Buy Made in the USA products whenever you shop online or in stores.
  • Read the labels when you are shopping.
  • Ask manufacturers to offer Made in the USA products.
  • Ask store managers to offer more Made in the USA products.
  • Encourage family, friends and fellow Americans to Buy Made in the USA Products.

Sign the Pledge

We Pledge Made in USA


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We Pledge Made in USA Gifts this Christmas

We Pledge Made in USA Gifts this Christmas

Rustic Christmas Wreath Made in USA

Rustic Christmas Wreath
Made in America By Christmas Forest

It is not always easy to purchase Made in the USA during the holidays. It can be difficult to find just the right gifts and of course with all of those tempting Black Friday deals on imported gifts, it can be a challenge to fit Made in the USA products into your budget.

However, we have found that Made in the USA is getting to be more cost effective and we have made it easier to find.  We created the web site www.ChristmasMadeinUSA.com This guide has something for just about anyone on your Christmas list and you will find great prices too.

The upside to buying Made in the USA during the holidays is that you are helping to create jobs for the hard working men and women who are producing these products here in America and you are telling retailers that you are tired of imports. You want more selection and you want quality Made in the USA products when you shop.

While it is still impossible to find most electronics Made in the USA, the clothing industry as well as toys and baby products are making a strong comeback. So take a moment to visit the Made in USA Christmas Gift Guide and share it with everyone you know. Lets keep Americans working!

Flannel Christmas Stocking

Our Vermont Flannel Christmas Stocking is rich in tradition with our classic tartans. Measuring 16 inches top to toe. With the width 9 inches at the top, 7 ½ inch width in the middle. Perfect for filling with goodies and bringing lots of smiles on the big day. Tightly woven flannel, minimal shrinkage wash cool dry low. Double-brushed flannel for ultimate softness 100% cotton. Finest European fabric Hand-cut and sewn in the USA ! Available in 5 different colors. Order yours Today!

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We Pledge Made in USA Candy & Home Decor for Halloween

We Pledge Made in USA Candy & Home Decor for Halloween

According to the National Confectionery Association, Americans are expected to spend 2.3 billion dollars on Halloween candy and a total of 8 billion dollars on Halloween. The report does not state where the products are made but we do know that most of the costumes and decor as well as some of the candy are not made in the USA.

Please take a moment to post your favorite Halloween Candy brands and where they are made. If you happen across costumes and decor made in the USA feel free to post them as well.

You would be surprised at how much of it is made in China and Mexico.  This is a great opportunity for you as well as anyone you know who hands out candy to just take a moment to turn over the package and read the labels.

You can also use this as an opportunity to teach your children by example if they are at the store when you make the purchase. Explain to them why you are looking at the label and why it is important to make sure they purchase Made in the USA products as well.

Let’s unite as Americans and help create jobs, improve the economy and keep America working.


For Halloween Candy, Baskets, Home Decor & Decorations Made in the USA.

Shop at: Norton’s U.S.A and BuyDirectUSA.com.

When buying treats for your family, event or to hand out, please make sure it is made in the USA. via BuyDirectUSA.com thebuyamericanmovement.com & wepledgemadeinUSA.com

 We Pledge Made in USA Candy for Halloween

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Before you buy Candy to Fill Those Easter Baskets

Before you buy Candy to Fill Those Easter Baskets

April 14, 2014

If you have been down the Easter candy aisle of your local big box store this year you may have noticed the wide assortment and variety of Easter candy that is available. Gone are the days when a simple chocolate bunny or bag of jelly beans will do. Now we have Star Wars bunnies, princess bunnies, marshmallow treats and more.

Yet amongst all the sugar laden treats and brightly colored packaging there is something amiss in the world of Easter candy. Something you should know before you stock up on the Easter themed goodies that you will be filling your child’s Easter Basket with this year.

No longer is it safe to assume that the candy you buy is Made in the USA. In fact a lot of it is now Made in China or Mexico.

The only way you will know for sure is if you turn that package over and read the label. If you find the words Made in China or Mexico on the item, don’t buy it.

Perhaps next year the big box stores will stock more of the Made in USA candy instead of adding more Made in China or Mexico to their product offerings.

It’s not too late to order some great Easter Candy.

Have a wonderful Made in USA Easter in 2014.

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